Dibujando América (Drawing America) is the name of a series of initiatives that we undertake with the intention of linking the act of drawing to the one of thinking and to a specific territory.

We like to draw; we think it underlies all we do as a knowledge and experience tool. Those connecting dots allow us to create an image of the world. Drawing may allow us to rethink it or imagine it in different ways.

Drawing is to take note, to sketch, to plan, to make pirouettes; drawing is finally to make a move and that is why we go out and draw while traveling, although we draw as well from the news, from our readings and from stories we are told.

We have personal and affectionate links with the south of the american continent, and also a constant and vivid interest for everything that occurs there. For us it matters as a physical territory and also as the place of those processes that exceed the mix of geography and culture known as “Latin America”. We go across it and draw, projecting our own preconceptions, expectations and questions.

This is a long-term project that at the moment has taken form as a 100 days journey through Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru in 2005; and an exhibition of drawings that will be on tour on Spain and Peru in 2006.


Gilda Mantilla
Los Angeles 1967
Visual artist
Lives and works in Lima
Raimond Chaves
Bogota 1963
Visual artist
Lives and works between Latin America and Europe
Last update 02/18/06
Contact: dibujando at dibujandoamerica.net